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Are you a Slow Traveller?

How would you prefer to travel the 320 km from Krakow to Vienna?

Mid-day 1-hour flight
Overnight train
Rent a car

What sounds like the best activity for Day 1 in a new city?

Walking around to get your bearings
Take Hop On Hop Off Bus
Private foodie tour

Where would you choose to eat after a long day?

Popular local cuisine spot
Hidden bistro with no reviews
Hard Rock Cafe

What's most important when choosing a neighborhood to stay in?

Authentic local vibes
Next to center & main attractions
Near hip & trendy spots

Which sounds most appealing to you?

Stumbling upon a small, quirky museum
Sharing a meal with a local family
No lines at the Louvre

Come to Krakow!

We’ll take care of you.

Enjoy an extended slow travel stay in Krakow with Goodtime Monty as your host. Choose one of our we-do-it-all travel packages and secure yourself a worry-free and fun-filled holiday.

Show Me What I’ll Get Request a Brochure
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you
Come to Krakow
We’ll take care of you

The perfect host for slow travelers.


Slow travel is a travel philosophy that prioritizes quality over quantity. It’s about savoring the journey, not just checking things off a list in a rush to the finish line

That means spending more time in fewer destinations, slowing down to intimately explore a new place, and getting to know the people and the culture you’ve traveled so far to visit.

Slow travel doesn’t mean just sitting around and relaxing though. You can still pack a lot of experiences into your trip. But by traveling slow you’ll be conscious of connecting with the little moments that make up your journey.

And with Goodtime Monty, you can focus completely on getting lost in your experience. That’s because you’ll have a host by your side who knows Krakow inside out and will give you all best recommendations while also handling all the fussy but necessary details (tickets, dinner reservations, et cetera).

So slow down, explore, and enjoy the experience.

Monty relaxing in France

Are you a Slow Traveler?

Who is Monty for?

Monty is perfect for travelers who:

  • Desire to travel slow and not rush through their holiday
  • Prefer private guided tours vs. cramming into a bus
  • Like to immerse themselves in the local culture
  • Are not obsessed with bucket list checking
  • Seek out new experiences off the beaten path
  • Are ready to unplug their face from their screens
  • See the value in having someone handle the small stuff
  • Are blessed with the luxury of a healthy holiday budget
  • Enjoy having a loose agenda but don’t overplan
  • Traveling as a couple or small group (4-6 people)

Who is he not for?

Monty is not for tourists who:

  • Want to squeeze in as much as possible during their vacation
  • Are O.K. with doing group tours for less money
  • Stick to the major sites and prefer the safety of crowds
  • Enjoy saying "I've been there" more than being there
  • Stick to top TripAdvisor recommendations
  • Document every single moment on social media
  • Like to handle everything themselves
  • Aim to travel on a limited budget
  • Enjoy planning their calendar down to the minute
  • Traveling in a larger group of 10+

Peace of mind

  • Your own live personal host right here in Krakow
  • 7 days of round-the-clock support from our local team
  • Honest “No Commission” lodging & tour recommendations

Zero stress

  • Three pre-trip planning video calls
  • In-person airport pickup by your host
  • Dinner reservations sorted out for you


  • Online trip portal with all your important details
  • All tour & ticket costs handled in one place
  • Help making any in-city critical purchases


  • Your own copy of Monty’s Backpocket Guide to Krakow
  • Free internet with a pocket wifi hotspot
  • Special friend prices with some of our lodging & tour partners

Love it. Now what?

Q&A Call

We'll have a video call to determine if we’re a fit to work together


Planning Calls

We’ll hold three video calls & prepare a custom trip plan based on your likes & preferences


Book your trip

We’ll help & advise you on your hotel, airfare and any advance tour bookings

two wine glasses clinking telling you to relax in Krakow

Arrive & Relax

We’ll meet you at the airport and take care of you during your stay

Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all
Travel slow or not at all

Across the Montyverse


Deep dive into all things Krakow, learn more about slow travel, plus stay in the loop about upcoming European events.

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We get asked this a lot…

Is it only about Krakow?

The in-city Monty Experience is initially focused on Krakow. But with the Double Continental package, we'll help plan and support guests who want to visit another European city in addition to Krakow.

How far out do my plans have to be?

Lots of travel planning services will only work with you if your plans at least 3-6 months in the future. At Monty, you can be traveling tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. We’ll do everything we can in our power to get you taken care of.

Will you book flights and hotels?

We research & recommend flights but believe it’s always best for the traveler to book directly. You'll have more control and can still accrue or use any points. For lodging, we’ll recommend what we think will be best for you from our pre-approved partners.

More questions?

Want to talk to someone about Krakow?

Set a time for a Q&A call with a Monty team member and we’ll answer any questions you’ve got about planning a trip to Krakow.


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