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Alba White Truffle Fair 2023 in Italy

Savor the magic of the Alba White Truffle Fair – an Italian delight rich in history, culture, and, of course, truffles. tradition with modern-day charm.

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Collecting white truffles.

Are you a fan of delicious Italian recipes with fresh truffles? Then you are in for a treat (literally)! The Alba White Truffle Fair is a must for anyone who loves these subterranean delights. In the historical heart of this Italian town, you can discover the allure of the tastiest treasure of Italy while enjoying authentic traditional activities. Not to mention that the fair is enriched with various activities! Nothing is more amusing and unique than experiencing a truffle fair accompanied by theater performances, art exhibitions, historical commemorations, concerts, and many more events. The festival offers something for everyone, so it is no wonder it attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors yearly. 

Origins of the Alba White Truffle Fair 

The Alba White Truffle Fair is mainly about the heavenly delicious fresh truffles and the festival tradition that started during the 1920s. The first person who introduced the exhibition of truffles was Giacomo Morra; since then, the fair has become a permanent annual event. 

At first, the truffle festival’s purpose was to display fresh white truffles from the harvest in the area of Alba, but later it turned into a competition. However, the interest in the festival has grown internationally, so the event received national traits in 1963. The enthusiasm for the fair was huge because it was organized in autumn when the smell and flavor of the truffles spread all over the area. 

Over the years, the Alba Truffle Fair has been changed and modified, so nowadays, it is closely related to the Alba area and its surroundings. Today, the annual event includes local products along with truffles, especially wine that is well-known in the territory.

Moreover, the festival also includes the history and culture of this Italian region, so many different performances are involved in the fair. So, if you have always wondered how to find truffles – and enjoy while you are at it, the Alba Truffle Fair is your answer!

The collection of white truffles and its prices.

Where is the Alba White Truffle Fair? 

The White Truffle Fair takes place in the small town of Alba in Italy. The exact location is Cortile della Maddalena, and the entrance is from Piazza Falcone. The festival is held in the center of the cultural life of Alba, so it is easily accessible, meaning you do not need anything specific to get there. 

However, there is no car parking, meaning renting a car there might not be really convenient. So, consider taking a train or a bus that will take you to the desired location for cheaper fees. Since both the train and bus stations are only 10 minutes from the festival, you will not have to pay for additional transport to reach it. 

When is the Alba White Truffle Fair? 

The Alba White Truffle Fair occurs every year from October to December during the weekends. This year, the event is scheduled from 7th October to 3rd December, including an exceptional opening on Wednesday, the 1st of November. You can visit the fair every weekend between these dates from 7:30 to 19:30. 

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Who should attend?

The festival will impress those who love delightful Italian dishes with fresh truffles from the woods of Monferrato and Langhe Roero. However, it is also a paradise for wine lovers and people who like trying new things. Plus, it is a great place for travelers who seek historical and cultural knowledge during their travels. 

How much is it?

The tickets for the festival are €5.00 if you purchase them online but €6.00 if you buy them onsite. Children and teenagers up to 15 years old are not required to have a ticket since the entrance for them is free. Also, the fair is free for disabled people and their companions. 

If you intend to stay in Alba during the festival, you may consider finding accommodation in the center of the town. However, you should take into account that the town will be quite crowded. So, if you want to avoid noise and crowds, then maybe the countryside of Alba might be your better option. The average prices for accommodation around Alba are around €200. 

A trip to the Alba White Truffle Fair can be the ultimate experience for every food and wine enthusiast. It is also a magical way to discover the Italian traditions in this region. However, planning ahead is necessary to ensure a magical stay in this gorgeous town in Italy! 

Where should I stay?

Alba is located in the heart of the Piedmont region, known for its picturesque landscapes. The town itself is also quite charming, with its medieval streets and historic architecture.

The following are the average prices for different kinds of accommodations during The Alba White Truffle Fair, according to Airbnb listings:

  • €200-300 per night for a whole house or flat
  • €100-200 per night for a private room in a house or flat.
  • A shared room in a house or flat costs between €50 and €100 a night.

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Alba White Truffle Fair
Cortile della Maddalena, Alba, Italy
Oct. 7 to Dec. 3: 7:30 – 19:30

Tickets: €5.00 (online); €6.00 (onsite)

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