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Best fine dining restaurants in Krakow

Discover our top five fine dining restaurants in Krakow, indulging in Polish cuisine and innovative dishes. Elevate your dining experience!

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Best fine dining restaurants in Krakow

Krakow might be small, but it packs a culinary punch with some established and emerging restaurants setting a high bar for fine dining.

You might head to Krakow with a plan to devour Polish foods and local delicacies, perhaps with the odd detour via international cuisine. But if you seek a gastronomic odyssey to remember, you can’t go wrong with the cream of fine-dining restaurants in Krakow.

What to expect at Krakow fine dining temples

Fine dining in Krakow comes in all flavors. Polish classics might be tinkered with, but fusion food will take inspiration from home and abroad. At the heart of the finest restaurants are kitchens led by chefs who bring something extra to the dining table.

Passion and artistry don’t come cheap. By Polish prices, at least.

The exquisite “Full Experience” tasting menu at Krakow’s only Michelin-starred restaurant charges a hefty 490 PLN. Wine is extra.

But you can also sit down to a five-course tasting menu with wine pairings at the inspirational Venue around half that (assuming inflation hasn’t already overtaken this article). Prices that’ll make Parisians or Londoners weep into their exquisite wines.

Still, those prices stand up well against the finest restaurants west of the Vistula. And the tasting menus quoted, typically the most popular option, balance good value with a gourmet night to remember. À la carte menus ensure smaller appetites can still enjoy some unique cooking. And while fine-dining Krakow restaurants only occasionally catch the attention of Michelin reviewers (they’re all in our digital city guide), we’re more than happy to take on their role and identify the ultimate fine dining restaurants in our home city. the kind of place we’d send our most demanding foodie pals, because we know they won’t be disappointed.

Botigliera 1881

We could hardly talk about fine dining in Krakow without first introducing Botigliera 1881. As we mentioned, it’s the only Krakow restaurant boasting une étoile.

Eating at the marble-floored shrine to gastronomy starts with choosing from tasting menus and (you know the answer will be yes) the matching wine pairings. Dishes with prosaic or enigmatic names keep you guessing what rabbits the chef will pull from his toque.

Which leaves your jaw to drop further when plates of culinary artistry are delivered to the table. Michelin describes the food as possessing “a wonderful purity of flavor.” They probably know what they’re talking about. Botigliera 1881 is the first restaurant with two Michelin Stars in Poland.

When asked to name the fine-dining Krakow restaurant that sets the highest standards, Botigliera 1881 is our first answer.  

Botigliera 1881, Bocheńska 5, 31-061 Krakow (Kazimierz)

Monty eating pierogi at the Polish Plates private walking tour in Krakow


We love Folga. It’s a spot we recommend as one of the best Krakow restaurants for dinner, especially if you relish fine dining without the fuss.

Sharing is not just encouraged. It’s the conceptual bedrock of Folga’s inventive menu.

Seafood, meat, and veg are shaken up with Mediterranean flavors and a helping of Polish foods. Although fresh oysters headline, usually washed down with a glass of wine from their discerning cellar.

The setting says modern chic, and stopping for a few nibbles and a drink is welcomed. Stay longer, and you can enjoy some exceptional food stylishly presented.   

Folga, Estery 12, 31-056 Krakow (Kazimierz)


Monty eating dinner at Garden, Krakow.

Head north of Old Town to reach a Krakow restaurant cooking up a gastronomic storm. It’s worth the minor detour. A magical garden and sublime tasting menu await.

The menu is fluid. But most of it’s a mystery. Particularly how incredible ingredients are transformed into culinary artworks with enigmatic names like “Bubblegum” or “Hay and Pine.”

Inside the restaurant, wood beams and exposed brick fit the refined décor. But the picturesque terrace stands out. If you’re on a winter sojourn, get there early unless you plan to shiver through dinner.

Garden hits all the right culinary high notes. It’s extravagant (wine pairings are inexpensive,) inventive, and showcases the best of fine dining in Krakow

Garden, Krowoderska 71, 31-158 Krakow

Filipa 18

best fine dining restaurants in krakow
Monty eating dinner at Filipa 18.

The highly-rated Indigo Hotel in Kleparz hosts a fine-dining gem. Filipa 18 teases the best out of authentic Polish food with some pan-European flourishes to present a sophisticated menu.

Casual diners can hit the bistro (or sky bar for the views) and enjoy first-class versions of familiar Krakow foods like maczanka (slow-cooked pork) or go Italian with a bowl of aglio e olio. Or step up a gear and head into the elegant restaurant for tasting menus and an à la carte selection that reflects the bistro menu, with added je ne sais quoi.

The tagline is ‘food, wine, art.’ And the walls are adorned with framed art. There are talking points galore if you can take your eyes off the food. Yet another reason why Filipa 18 leaves an impression

Filipa 18, Świętego Filipa 18, 31-150 Krakow (Kleparz)


Restaurant Venue by Chez Nicholas is winning praise for its creative fusion of French and Asian food. And for a chef who pours his heart into cooking and engaging with guests.

An intimate atmosphere sets the tone for a singular tasting menu or a short and sweet and ever-changing à la carte selection. But it’s the inventive delights on the tasting menu that draws effusive reviews; a voyage across two continents and through the imagination of the passionate chef.

A fine-dining Krakow jewel that won’t break the bank, Venue is one of the first places we think of when singling out gourmet wonderlands in Old Town.

Restaurant Venue by Chez Nicholas, Mikołajska 26, 31-027 Kraków, Poland (Old Town)

Kogel Mogel

Kogel Mogel is busy garnering Michelin Guide mentions and stellar reviews for their brasserie-style menu that champions Polish culinary heritage.

The deal here is that you can sample Polish food made to perfection. There’s no set—menu, but appetites can roam across the balanced menu. Pierogi, kotlet schabowy (breaded pork,) gołąbki (cabbage rolls) are just a handful of national favorites that also earns them a pick of places to eat authentic Polish food.

A palate-tickling wine menu that sweeps around the globe, including Poland, has character. Much like the 4 individually styled rooms. When grey clouds disappear, the verdant summer terrace beckons. Live piano concerts lift the vibes even higher on summer nights (Thurs-Fri).

If you’re looking for Kraków restaurants celebrating local food with fine-dining flourishes, try Kogel Mogel. It’s winning plaudits for a reason.  

Kogel Mogel, 3W6R+78 Kraków (Old Town)

A final toast

While diminutive Kraków cannot match Warsaw’s fine-dining array (although 1), there’s more than enough to keep gourmets smiling. Plus, we have Michelin 2 Stars. Thanks Botigliera 1881!

With prices that’ll make trendy restaurants in other European cities blush, it’s a golden opportunity for curious foodies or committed gastronomes. Whether heeding the call for proper Polish food or in the mood for culinary flights of imagination, there’s a Kraków restaurant for you.