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Bled Days Festival in Slovenia

A Slovenian musical event that climaxes with the launching of 15,000 egg-shell lights into Lake Bled.

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Lake Bled in Slovenia hosts Bled Days Festival every July
Lake Bled is a once-in-a-lifetime spot that you simply need to see to believe.

If you have never seen the beauty of Lake Bled you are in for a treat with Bled Days Festival. Bled town enchants visitors with its stunning scenery, which includes a tranquil glacial lake, a fairy-tale island with a church, and a medieval castle built atop a rocky cliff with a breathtaking view of the Julian Alps. 

And this Slovenian dreamscape serves as a serene backdrop for the Bled Days Festival. This three-week musical event serves up a wide range of performances for all tastes, including classical to jazz performances. During your stay, the sound of saxophone and violin notes will surround you, imaginative performances will captivate you, and thought-provoking installations will stimulate you.

How did Bled Days Festival originate?

The Bled Days Festival dates back to the early 2000s, when there was a growing demand for a platform that went beyond the boundaries of traditional musicians. In response, a group of creative artists and musicians joined together with a common goal: to create an immersive experience for everyone in their home country of Slovenia.

What is Bled Days Festival about?

Every evening between July 1st and July 20th, you can expect concerts in various venues throughout Bled. On the traditional Saturday night of July 21st, Bled Days culminates when the festival launches 15,000 egg shells into the lake, producing a once-in-a-lifetime sparkling visual feast under the moonlight.

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How to get to Bled Days Festival?

Bled is a Slovenian resort town around an hour drive away from the capital city of Ljubljana. You can fly into the main Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport and rent a car. Or, take a $10 train or bus ride from Ljubljana.

Where should I stay?

In Bled, there are just a few places to stay and prices are approximately $200 per night for an Airbnb. However, if you only want to go for one day or don’t mind commuting, you could stay in Ljubljana where the average Airbnb rates for the festival period are roughly $100 per night.

Bled Days Festival
Lake Bled, Slovenia
July 1-21, 2023

Price: Free admission
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