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How many days to spend in Krakow

We recommend spending seven days in Krakow. Almost every visitor regrets not spending enough time here. So give yourself at least five days, ideally a full week.

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How many days to spend in Krakow
A happy couple enjoying a slow week in Krakow.

If Poland’s city break du jour is on your travel radar, you might be asking yourself: what’s the ideal number of days to spend in Krakow? We recommend spending seven days in Krakow to get a satisfying taste of all things Cracovian. With five days really being the minimum. (If you are only planning a quick two days, we predict a return visit in the future!)

Sure, you could enjoy a breakneck weekend if you skip many highlights and don’t pause for breath. But Krakow didn’t become Poland’s cultural capital without accruing far too many must-see sights to cram into a couple of helter-skelter days. It has a dazzling cultural heritage that rewards leisurely exploration. So why not slow down and enjoy it?

Why a weekend is not enough for Krakow

If you pack your skates and don’t mind passing up some headline attractions, you could cram a whirlwind city tour into two or three days in Krakow. Weekend wanderers with precision planning might concentrate on the historic town centre, home to iconic landmarks like Wawel Castle, Europe’s largest market square, and the imposing medieval Barbican. Squeeze in a plate of steaming pierogi and a jazz club session and you will get a taste of Krakow.  But you will likely have a few regrets about what you missed.  

Scan travel forums, and you’ll get the picture. This quote on the ever-helpful Rick Steve’s forum sums it up nicely:

"I spent one day at Auschwitz and 1-1/2 days for Krakow itself and wished I had more time."

It’s easy to see why weekend visitors regret not putting aside more days to spend in Krakow. Two of the most-visited locations — the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial and Wieliczka Salt Mine — lie outside the city center. That’s a weekend instantly swallowed up. 

But you’ll want time to explore the city. We’re talking about a UNESCO-listed medieval town peppered with landmarks, cultural venues, and around 30 museums. 

Arrive with an appetite for authentic Polish food in Krakow (you’ll be crazy not to), and you’ll barely have time to wolf down local specialities like Krakowska sausage and maczanka krakowska (pulled pork). 

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Are seven days in Krakow too much time?

We might be the world’s biggest Tripadvisor 💩 fans, but this reviewer answers this question perfectly:

"We went to Krakow for 7 days … we did not see everything and loved it so much we are going back for another 5 nights.” 

So yeah, short answer: nie. Flick through our guide on what to do in Krakow, and you get the idea. 

Poland’s second city is a former royal capital with historic buildings charting seven centuries of Polish heritage. It’s impossible to experience it all in a weekend without some severe nip and tuck on your itinerary. 

Blend in a medley of museums, jazz clubs, and a dynamic culinary landscape and you have all the ingredients for an extended break.   

Book seven days to spend in Krakow, pace yourself and drink it all in. That’s enough time to see the most popular attractions in Krakow and a few lesser-known attractions like the curious Rynek Underground Museum and the even more peculiar Kościuszko Mound.

Stay even longer and convert your city break into a Polish odyssey. A river cruise to Tyniec, a whistlestop trip to Warsaw, or an overnighter at the thermal spas of Zakopane in the nearby Tatra Mountains. Just a handful of options to take your holiday to the next level.

Let’s call it a day. (Or five to seven.)

There is no perfect answer to how many days to spend in Krakow. If you want a city break with fewer holes than Radamer cheese, a weekend probably won’t cut it.  

In our opinion, five to seven days is the ticket to a more satisfying visit. Not rushed, but not glacial. With zero chance of returning home with more regrets than souvenirs.