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The best cocktail bars in Krakow

Sip and savor at the best cocktail bars in Krakow. Cheers to unforgettable nights.

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Fancy interior at speakeasy cocktail bar Mercy Brown.

There’s no shortage of fantastic pubs and bars in Krakow. Slow travelers and thirsty explorers will relish the chance to sample Polish beers and get acquainted with the national tipple, vodka, in some wonderfully atmospheric venues.

But sometimes, only a cocktail will do. When the cocktail sirens call, you’ll have to look harder to find Krakow’s finest mixologists. Especially if you want to get lost in neighborhoods far from the touristy morass around Market Square. 

Easy solution. Save this page, as we’ve risen to the challenge and pinpointed all the authentic cocktail maestros in our native city.

Whether you want to quench your craving with a refreshing alcohol-free reviver or an inventive concoction to make your head spin, our guide has somewhere for every occasion. All contenders for the title of the best cocktail bar in Krakow.

Where to find the best cocktails in Krakow

Let’s kick off our tour of cocktail bars in Krakow with some true mixology masters.

Speakeasies jostle with sophisticated hotspots for the attention of cocktail fans in Krakow, and we’ve picked out some true cocktail stars that built their name on mixing the most flavorsome and inventive creations. All in neighborhoods that slow travelers will want to linger in.

William Rabbit & Co

One of our hidden gems in Krakow, William Rabbit & Co is cocktail heaven. A proper speakeasy locked behind secret doors, where the personable mixologists are masters of their craft.    

Intrepid cocktail fans and experience seekers who find the entrance are well rewarded, stepping from the colorful streets of Kazimierz through secret doors into a magical Alice in Wonderland hideaway.

Aside from the playful backdrop, mischievous cocktails mixed to perfection rule the underground roost.

It’ll be hard pulling yourself back through those secret doors into the real world after sipping some of the most original cocktails in Krakow (recommended: a Mad Hatter made with gin, cinnamon, and peach).

William Rabbit & Co: Bożego Ciała 12 ½, 31-059, Kazimierz

Mercy Brown

Mercy Brown is another hot destination ideal for leisurely moments that stretch into the evening.

The Great Gatsby inspired the interior design here. Soft furnishings and retro fittings combine for a sophisticated setting with a speakeasy temperament. Burlesque shows and live jazz add to the evocative ambiance.

It looks exactly like the kind of place that makes top-tier cocktails. And they do.

All house creations with names perhaps conceived after one too many tasting sessions: Dog Would It and Toto Americano stand out. So do the intriguing non-alcohol cocktails, like Drive Me To The Volcano, made with mango, curry, lime, and ginger. Flavors and memories that will linger.

Mercy Brown: Floriana Straszewskiego 28,


Plush seating, gentle music, and tasteful décor set the mood for an evening of refinement at TAG.

The staff are at the top of their game to produce elaborate yet well-balanced cocktails. Some thought — and probably plenty of happy testing — went into a cocktail selection full of surprises.

Make ours a West Side, which miraculously blends gin, peanut butter, caramelized passionfruit, and cream into a cocktail/dessert symphony par excellence. There’s much to like about TAG, one of the most sophisticated cocktail bars in Krakow.

TAG: Podwale 7,

Gin Mill

Members of the gin appreciation club (we’re everywhere) rejoice. There’s a cocktail palace that knows how to get the most out of your favorite tipple.

For us, Gin Mill are more than mixology artists; it’s one of the best bars in Krakow. You can kick back and marvel at the precision as the smiling staff craft drinks that change with the seasons. Aside from some complex and unusual cocktails, you can pick the knowledge of engaging staff who happily showcase their staggering array of gins.

Snug and intimate, this is somewhere you can sink into your seat and discover a world of gin that begins with a G&T and ends with a Lobster Negroni that is, quelle surprise, made with lobster butter. Probably the only crustacean-based cocktail in Krakow. And certainly a first on our cocktail-fueled adventures!

Gin Mill: Józefa Dietla 49, Kazimierz

The Trust

The Trust is another 5* Kazimierz venue with a suave and cultivated air. The gentleman club vibes belie an attentive and friendly team knocking together some of the most exciting cocktails in Krakow.

Flick through a seasonally-changing menu to find inventive infusions and all-time classics inspired by hit songs like Born To Be Wild (one for fellow gin lovers) or Staying Alive (one for disco fans).

Music and frivolity are at the heart of every drink. Order by ingredient, or take a chance on one of your favorite songs. The chances of being disappointed are minimal.

The Trust: Węgłowa 3, Kazimierz

Tram Bar

Perched on the delightful Pasaz Bielaka leading off the Market Square, Tram Bar is a snug refuge for cocktail fans in the heart of Krakow. The rolling stock club is the ideal stop to hydrate and decompress after visiting some of the top things to do in Krakow.

Signature drinks fall under five categories: fruity, fizzy, refreshing, dessert, and floral. Global cocktail favorites are also available, and the team will adapt recipes to suit tastes.

A handful of alcohol-free beverages are on offer, which may be wise if you’re planning to climb the giddy heights of the nearby St Mary’s Basilica Bugle Tower.

Perhaps a touch pricey. But the intimate bar is a welcoming oasis in a sea of touristy options. If you get lucky, bag the window seats and watch the world float by.

Tram Bar: Stolarska 5, Old Town


Exquisite cocktail craftsmanship at Sababa Bar.

We close out our pick of specialist cocktail bars in Krakow with another mixology pearl, Sababa. The slick, contemporary bar radiates class. As do the cocktails, which look as sophisticated as they taste.

Order from a short menu of classics or go for their signature drinks laced with Eastern zest, like Kareem (raisin-infused rum and almonds) or Tel Aviv Martini (aged vodka, Lillet Blanc, and rose liqueur).

The pace livens in the evening as the bar transforms into a club, when the vibe becomes spicier than the drinks.

Sababa: Szeroka 2, Kazimierz

The best bars in Krakow for cocktails and more

After tipsily bouncing between cocktail specialists, we should mention a few all-rounders serving some of the best drinks in Krakow. Venues where cocktails are part of an attractive milieu to suit every mood and occasion.   


One of our favorite bars in Krakow is undoubtedly Alchemia. Nestled on the corner of Plac Nowy in the buzzing Kazimierz district, this gastropub and nightclub check all the boxes for a memorable night out. That includes some mean koktajle (AKA cocktails) with a twist.

Crafting cold and hot cocktails, no ingredient or whimsy is off-limits. Try a refreshing Midnight Tea with Earl Grey or a warming Black Toddy made with Johnny Walker Black Label, ideal for cold winter nights.

Then sink into the retro setting and enjoy the music. At night, candles cast shadows over the atmospheric bar, lifting the entire experience to another level.

Alchemia: Estery 5, Kazimierz


Have you ever wanted to sip a cocktail in the company of sewing machines? No. You might change your mind after stopping in the bohemian Singer, which bizarrely celebrates the humble yet iconic Singer sewing machine.

If that doesn’t pique your curiosity, the fact this is one of the most chilled and enigmatic bars in Krakow will. While not cocktail specialists, the team is well-drilled, and their creations are up there with the best drinks in Krakow.

A laidback crowd and an eye-catching backdrop complete the oddly bewitching package. At night, candles are sparked, the music volume goes up, and patrons dance and forget their troubles. And forget that they’re surrounded by sewing machines.

Singer: Estery 20, Kazimierz

Cafe Szafe

Cafe Szafe is another eccentric bar where you’ll happily forget time.

The off-the-wall décor evokes a bohemian spirit, and the gaze of the mystical Third Eye overlooks the colorful setting. The animated nook is popular with students and locals, particularly at night when live music or improv comedy ups the tempo.

Cocktails feature on an unusually short drinks menu. But this vibe sells Cafe Szafe, one of the funkiest bars in the Zwierzyniec quarter.

Cafe Szafe: Felicjanek 10, Zwierzyniec

Cheers to the best cocktails in Krakow

Writing about cocktails is thirsty work. Time to raise our imaginary glass and toast the end of this journey around what we consider the best cocktail bars in Krakow.

If you’re wondering where we would go if we could only visit one or two bars, it would be William Rabbit & Co for the quintessential speakeasy experience or Gin Mill for some of the finest cocktails in the city. You won’t regret either choice. Although you’ll have a memorable time at any venue that made it into this guide. Na zdrowie!