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We started Goodtime Monty to help travelers like you. Because we are travelers like you. And we have the same problems. We get to a new city, we're excited as can be, but have little idea where to go. Maybe we did some research online, but can we trust it?

People don’t want to Google — they just want to get advice from someone they trust.

The spirit behind Monty is to provide travelers like you with a shortcut in the form of an expert voice they can trust. Because we know Krakow inside out, we're starting here. But Krakow is just the beginning. We can already help you plan a slow travel trip to any European city, but we soon intend to spread our in-city expertise to Budapest, Vienna, Munich and beyond. So come along for the ride!

Ania Tom
Tom & Ania, founders of Goodtime Monty

Our values

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Be passionate

We all have a love for travel and do our best to spread that passion to others.

Create good energy

We all stay positive, keeping the vibes good, the smiles up, and the mood groovy.

Be helpful

We're all the type who wipe down the airplane wash basin as a courtesy to the next passenger.

Stay curious

We all remain infinitely curious about the world around us. No question goes unasked.

Have high standards

We all believe if you have the time to do it, you have the time to do it right.

Meet the Monty team

Learn a thing or two about the amazing team that brings Goodtime Monty to life!

Meet the Goodtime Monty team
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We like you already.

If you read this far, it probably means we’re going to be friends. ツ