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The most romantic places in Krakow

Romance blossoms in unlikely places. Krakow is a romantic destination full of surprises for couples looking for a getaway they’ll never forget.

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Krakow's most romantic places

When love is in the air, couples head to Europe’s most romantic destinations. Paris, Venice, Krakow. Okay, that last city might not be first on your list. Yet, there is more amour than you might expect in a city that steals hearts and tops surveys of the best European city break.  

Whether you’re looking for an exceptional Valentine’s getaway or celebrating your enduring love, Krakow merits a second look. Here’s why.

Lasting memories made in Krakow

Romance comes in many forms. Happily, Krakow delivers something for every couple. 

Horse-drawn carriages and picturesque parks check the box for a traditional romantic destination. While offbeat activities like the Museum of Illusions and the surreal Womai sensory exhibition don’t fit into any box. But will appeal to couples looking to create fresh and exciting memories.  

In the background is an abundance of stylish restaurants to persuade Cupid to fire an arrow or two. While jazz clubs and colourful bars enliven evenings, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.  

Star attractions for starry-eyed lovers 

We dive deeper into the city’s leading attractions in our pick of what to do in Kraków. Here are a few highlights that lend themselves to a romantic getaway.  

  • Rynek Główny – Krakow’s historic square is an animated stop for all visitors and the starting point for many romantic adventures. 
  • Kazimierz – Nearby Kazimierz district is equally unmissable. The bohemian historic Jewish quarter brims with character. While quirky shops and snug cafés add colour to shared moments.  Wawel Royal Castle – Is anything more romantic than a fairytale castle? A magnificent palace screams romance. And the 14th-century royal residence delivers magnificence in spades.
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Romantic destinations in Krakow

Couples who only have eyes for each other might want to step off the beaten path and enjoy each other’s company. Here are a few romantic destinations to find tranquillity. 

  • Vistula River Cruise – Boats and romance go together like poetry and roses. The Vistula may not be as seductive as the canals of Venice. But a Vistula cruise to the breathtaking abbey in Tyniec is a magical trip for couples. 
  • Father Bernatek Footbridge – Couples declare their undying love here with personally engraved padlocks. Enjoy the river views, take a selfie with the acrobatic statues, and leave a lasting memento of your affection. 

Where to wine and dine in Krakow

It wouldn’t be a trip for couples without fabulous places for date nights and flirtatious liaisons.  

Restaurants for intimate evenings in Krakow

To woo and wow, head to the fine dining temple. Visit the beautiful garden of Garden Restaurant or grab a table for two at the artsy, French-inspired Filipa 18.

For a touch of decadence, the plush Szara Gęś, parked right on the old market square, is another winner for couples. Although you can’t beat the city-wide views from fusion-food masters, Oranżeria

For Valentines and proposals, the sumptuous tasting menu at Michelin two stars restaurant Bottigliera 1881, is a local benchmark for innovation and sophistication. Don’t forget the ring. 

Cozy Krakow cafés and bubbly bars 

Kraków is chock-full of cafés that add to its growing reputation as a romantic destination.  

Try Camelot for vintage décor and round tables made for couples, not knights. For cerebral conversations, make time for coffee and cheesecake in the bookstore/coffee shop, Massolit Books & Café

When it’s time to liven things up, the boho Eszeweriabar (Kazimierz district) is a welcoming nook. Couples and cocktail lovers also head to the gastropub Stajnia (Kazimierz) and the floating Barka moored on the Vistula. 

Krakow Hotels for honeymooners and happy couples

We end where you should probably begin arranging a trip for couples, the hotel. A dream hideaway is a crucial piece of the romantic jigsaw. 

If you don’t want to overthink it, plump for the 5-star Sheraton Grand. Boasting epic views and luxurious suites, it is the quintessential honeymoon hotel. 

If modern and stylish is what your significant other craves, you can’t go wrong with Puro Kazimierz. A spa and classy suites in Kraków’s hippest neighbourhood.

To dazzle without the razzamatazz, the central Metropolitan Boutique holds the keys (or swipe card) to an understated yet chic bolt-hole. 

Parting is such sweet sorrow

We shamelessly steal a quote from Romeo and Juliet to sign off our ode to a trip for couples in Krakow. We have merely scratched the surface of why it qualifies as a romantic destination. Just enough to demonstrate that Poland’s cultural capital packs a punch for incurable romantics searching for an unforgettable getaway.  

If you’re already pulling up flight prices but unsure whether a week or a weekend is enough to write your Polish love story, we’ve broken down how many days to spend in Kraków to get the most out of the city. One thing is assured: no matter how long your visit, Krakow is full of surprises when romance is on the cards.