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The best coffee in Krakow

Get ready for a fantastic coffee adventure in Krakow! Check out these 9 must-visit coffee spots for all you coffee lovers out there.

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Goodtime Monty map coffee in Krakow
Let’s plan your day over a cup of coffee with the Goodtime Monty map.

Finding a decent coffee in unfamiliar cities is like panning for gold. So, having dived deep into where to eat in Krakow, it’s time to turn our spotlight on where to find the best coffee in Krakow.

On the list are cafes delivering expertly-made brews and an ambiance to match. The kind of places you pause to recharge batteries, ditch the itinerary, and stay for cheesecake and caffeine-fueled conversations.

If you’re a slow traveler who likes to linger in welcoming cafes or a coffee aficionado that accepts no compromises, this post is for you.

Karma Coffee Roastery

A coffee roastery is a safe bet in any city. One with Karma in the name surely knows how to keep its patrons happy. Karma Coffee Roastery does not disappoint. The coffee is chef’s kiss, freshly ground and finished by skilled baristas. Grab a bag of their house roast to bring a taste of Krakow home.

Space is at a premium indoors, but a charming urban terrace is where everyone wants to be, especially in summer. When in the mood to unwind, try the on-trend natural wines, which pair perfectly with the agreeable setting. 

The reviews speak volumes. Search for ‘best coffee in Krakow,’ and you’ll see Karma popping up repeatedly. Their homemade cakes and tarts are also exceptional, elevating it to a venue where you’ll want to stretch a coffee break long into the afternoon.

Karma Coffee Roastery: Świętego Wawrzyńca 9, Kazimierz

Knitted Coffee

The Oskar Schindler (Enamel Factory) museum is one of the leading things to do in Krakow. Nearby is an enticing stop for coffee lovers, the enigmatically named Knitted Coffee.

The bright and cozy café is pared back and focused on making coffee how you like it. You can also fill up on delectable toasted sandwiches and brunches. Or up the ante with a glass of wine on the tiny sidewalk terrace.

Warm and welcoming, Knitted Coffee is one of our favorite places to grab a brew south of the Vistula. And if you’ve ever wanted to turn your hand to knitting, visit their website for starter kits and a better understanding of why they’re called Knitted Coffee.

Knitted Coffee: Przemysłowa 4, Podgórze


Tociekawa is another easy pick when singling out the best coffee in Krakow. Coffee specialists through and through, you’re in good hands with friendly baristas who know their craft.

Somebody in the kitchen also knows their job; the cakes are phenomenal. The tiramisu is out of this world. Bright and modern inside, with an agreeably green garden for drinking in the city air with your matcha latte, laidback Tociekawa has all the ingredients to entice visitors north of the well-trodden Old Town.

Tociekawa: Długa 37, Kleparz


Somnium is the closest thing to a chain on our pick of coffee shops and cafes in Krakow. No Starbucks, they have just two outlets; handily located in vibrant Kazimierz and close to the Oskar Schindler Museum (our city map is the perfect way to explore Krakow places).

Both outlets know how to make a decent brew. Both are comfortable and well-designed spots to stop for a bite to eat. Try the satisfying sandwiches with a specialty coffee finished with an artistic flourish.

If you’ve only got time for one coffee, the plant-filled coziness of the branch on Przemysłowa might (just) have the edge.

Somnium: Przemysłowa 1, Zabłocie / Beera Meiselsa 5, Kazimierz

Body Espresso Bar

If you measure a café purely on the quality of its brews, you’ll like the no-nonsense Body Espresso Bar. Their proposition is straightforward. A choice of beans and well-trained baristas distill some of the finest espresso in the city.

There’s not much seating in the snug interior. But it’s invariably chilled, the pared-back menu hits the high notes for contemporary coffee fans (cold brew and espresso tonic are more than worth a diversion), and the sweet treats are excellent. Just what you need to balance the galvanizing shots of coffee.

Body Espresso Bar: ul, Dolnych Młynów 3/1, West Krakow

Yolk Coffee& Pastry

The best coffee in Krakow
One of our fav. spot for a quick coffee around Planty.

Yolk Coffee and Pastry offers a delightful haven for coffee enthusiasts and pastry aficionados alike. This charming spot boasts specialty coffee that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. Despite its modest size, Yolk exudes warmth and coziness, making it the perfect spot to unwind. Conveniently located just around Planty, it provides a serene escape from the bustling city. What’s more, the interior, crafted by Max Burgess, owner of Yolk co-working space, enchants with its beauty, adding to the allure of this hidden gem.

Yolk Coffee & Pastry: ul. Sarego 5, Old Town

Królowa Przedmieścia

As slow travel advocates, we like to roam around. Head south of the Vistula to residential Dębniki, and you’ll find a few offbeat spots to unwind, including one of our favorite bars in Krakow. But when coffee is on the agenda, we head to Królowa Przedmieścia, a local hangout with an easygoing temperament.

Why? Because the coffee is top-notch.

And the inelegant façade hides a vibrant space with sofas to lounge and observe neighborhood comings and goings. As is customary with all favorite cafes in Krakow, their cake and dessert game is strong.

If you’re visiting the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, this is the place to grab a morning jolt to awaken the senses for the cultural riches ahead.

Królowa Przedmieścia: Barska 39, Dębniki

Coffee Garden

In our guide to the finest cafes in Krakow, you’ll find places juggling food and beverages and catering to all tastes. At Coffee Garden, all that matters is making a fine brew.

Third-wave specialists, this is where you’ll find the perfect Flat White or Iced Americano. A vegan-friendly café menu is another incentive to visit. As are the cheesecakes, which try to seduce in every coffee shop.

All of which can be enjoyed in a funky interior filled with plants available to buy. Which, we guess, qualifies as a coffee garden, even if there are only a few sidewalk seats if you crave a coffee al fresco.

Coffee Garden: Józefa 11, Kazimierz

Ja Wa

Souvenir hunters and coffee lovers converge on another city roastery, Ja Wa.

Aside from serving inexpensive espresso made with their house beans, you can grab a bag of proper coffee to take home. Light or dark roasted java (or jawa for our Polish speakers) with diverse flavor profiles and green bean origins. Tea drinkers are not overlooked, with a robust tea selection too.

As you might hope from a family-run roastery, the barista skills exceed the every day to produce some of the best coffee in Krakow.

Ja-Wa Palarnia Kawy (coffee roaster): Karmelicka 17, Piasek

Final thoughts on the best coffee places in Krakow

With that final satisfying sip, we reach the end of our rocket-fueled journey through Krakow’s bubbling coffee scene.

From artisanal roasts to homely nooks serving aromatic delights, a java haven is never far away. And armed with our guide to the best coffee in the city, you can bid farewell to dodgy brews and say hello to quality infusions. One less thing for coffee lovers to think about!